British Parliamentary Debate:
“Historical artifacts should be repatriated to their country of origin”

Nina Klada-Tsapatsari, Elena Liarou,
Alexandra Palaiologou, Aggelina Skiada, Marita Thomas

A΄ Arsakeio Gynmnasio Psychikou, Class B΄

Coordinating Teacher: Mary Marin

The British Parliamentary debate format differs from many other formats because it involves four teams rather than two. Two teams, called the “First Proposition” and the “Second Proposition” teams, represent the Government and are charged with the responsibility of supporting the proposition while two other teams, “First Opposition” and “Second Opposition” are charged with opposing it. Two speakers represent each of the four teams and each speaker gives a speech of seven minutes. In this demonstration we will use four speakers instead of eight, each of whom will represent a team and will speak for 2 minutes. There will also be points of information. There has been a great deal of controversy surrounding the demands for the return of certain artifacts, most prominently the Elgin Marbles, to their country of origin. In this debate we will explore the social, moral and practical arguments for and against artifact repatriation. We will discuss their benefits and ramifications by using examples from around the world.



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