Lasers and their uses in the modern society

Χριστόφορος Ρουγγέρης, Δημήτριος Μουζουράκης, Αλέξανδρος Ντόστογλου,
Αλέξανδρος Παπαστολόπουλος, Γιώργος Ρομπόρας
Α΄ Αρσάκειο Γενικό Λύκειο Ψυχικού, Τάξη Β΄
Υπεύθυνες καθηγήτριες: Ευδοκία Πατσιλινάκου, Μαρία Δημητροπούλου


In this paper, we will have the chance to study and learn about the LASER device, its history and its uses in modern society, as well as light and its physical characteristics. The LASER, as working device, was first built in 1960, by Theodore H. Maiman. It is based on the same phenomena as the light waves, which are a radiated form of energy, and has three basic characteristics: wave length, wave width and wave frequency. The word LASER is not a single word. Each letter is an initial of the device’s official name of «Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation». There are many types of laser beams, such as gas LASER beams. Laser uses in modern society are numerous. The most significant being the one that can be found in holograms, modern surgery and the military. It is definite that laser uses will continue to expand as well as play a gradually significant role in modern life.



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