Emotional Quotient and Sciences: Fact or fad?

Δανάη-Νίκη Γιούργαλη, Παναγιώτα- Δωροθέα Καμπούρη
Β΄ Αρσάκειο Λύκειο Ψυχικού, Τάξη Α΄
Υπεύθυνη Καθηγήτρια: Μαρία Παππά 


Emotional intelligence (EI) or Emotional Quotient (EQ) is the ability to identify, assess, and control the emotions of oneself, of others and of groups. Its main categories are Ability EI and Trait EI. Trait EI or ‘emotional self- efficacy’ encompasses various dispositions from the personality domain, such as empathy and elements of social intelligence, while Ability EI pertains primarily to the realm of cognitive ability. Objections have been raised as to what extent EI affects our everyday life. Research outcomes from various scientific fields such as Biology, Mathematics and Technology support that not only does EI actually exist, but it also has a major impact on our lives. As far as its biological aspect is concerned, some researchers have found evidence that the biological aspects in a human being do affect the EI. In addition, many factors can influence an individual’s mathematical literacy, and emotional intelligence may also play an important role. Lastly, students and teachers alike are discovering that digital technologies add a new and much needed dimension to the teaching and learning of emotional intelligence.



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