Artificial Intelligence: Moral Implications; the case of Social Robotics

Sophia Pasparaki, Eugenia Kotopoulou, Anastasia Schinohoriti, Anastasia Hondrogianni
A΄ Arsakeio Lykeio Psychikou, Class: A΄
Advisor: Maria Dimitropoulou


This project deals basically with the morality in the vast development and progress of robotics. Firstly, we introduce the project by giving the definitions of the main terms that are discussed. Subsequently, we examine the ethics that robots should be implanted with, we divide them into categories and we mention the ideal set of rules for robots which is well-known as the three laws of robotics. The idea that robots should be treated as human-beings with self-awareness is deeply questioned and different opinions that have been expressed among the scientific community are mentioned in order to create a multidimensional perspective of this issue. Moreover, we present some examples of lastly created domestic robots and we thoroughly study the consequences that living with a robot will have to elderly people and children. Finally, we come to a general conclusion based on the idea that it is our moral obligation to raise humanity above everything, in order to create a better world.




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